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Professional Landscape Photographer Philipp Braun

Smelling the damp of cool moss, being embraced by the warm heat of a field of summer flowers, and feeling the strong breeze on my face lets me be who I am.  Listening to running streams, shaking trees, and breaking waves makes me happy and defines my personality.  Inhaling the breath of nature motivates me and energizes all aspects of my life.  Every step deeper into the countryside renews my fascination with this infinitely exciting world.  Ever since I was very young, I have explored the great outdoors and have enjoyed experiencing Mother Nature in all her beauty.  I continue to explore the wild by trekking and backpacking.  Somehow, a backpack full of equipment does not feel so heavy when I know the landscape will be beautiful and the journey exciting.

My love for nature and deep appreciation of its beauty allows me to create outstanding images. Photography and videography are the tools I use to share this vision with you.  I want you to be able to experience the colors, temperatures, and rhythms of Mother Nature and share the delight of discovering something new, something unexpected, something beautiful.  My mission is to create calming moods and harmonic atmospheres, enabling you to relax and focus on the important things in life.

Twilight and dawn are my favorite times of day to photograph.  I arrive at my chosen location in the early morning hours, before dawn breaks. As the sun begins to rise, I make use of every small shift in lighting conditions to capture the finest images and video clips.

I feel honored to have the possibility to work as a professional landscape photographer in Denmark. Standing on these incredible white sand beaches and feeling the strong breeze of the north sea makes me very thankful to have such a great job.

Cooperation and awards

I am also very proud to work for Modos Denmark (link here) as an ambassador among the top nature photographers in Denmark. Modos ambassadors produce exclusive content for Modos’ media systems.  Modos target product are new-fashioned and futuristic delivery rooms in hospitals and their walls are covered with video projections converting the entire room into a charming nature scene. This supports to calm down women in labor, making the process of birth a greater experience with less medication and lower perceived pain level.

Besides being nominated as an ambassador for Modos, I have taken the best landscape photo in Denmark in 2015 (Winners of annual NFD competition). The competition is held once a year by the association of nature photographers Denmark (NFD).

Best landscape photo in Denmark in 2015 NFD

Find this photo in large under the Great Impressions Gallery.

In 2014, I won the 3rd place with my photo of a pond covered with algae and brown leafs in the NFD on location competition.

NFD on location competition 3rd place

Moreover, one of my photos has been top ranked in a landscape photography competition in the county of Schleswig, northern Germany which was exhibited in the city hall of Schleswig in 2014.

Landscape contest Schleswig exhibition

Find billede i Grand Landscapes Gallery.

As I am a big fan for team spirit I have been member of the NFD since 2014. In order to support the association, I am offering a photography workshop and trip to Lindauer Huette in the Austrian Alps for the first time in 2016. This trip is at the moment exclusive for NFD (assiciation of nature photographers Denmark) members. More information can be found here.

Welcome to the land I find so enchanting!


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